To proceed with the Provincial Survey, it had to be approved by numerous research ethics boards (REBs). Because the research team consists of faculty from Wilfrid Laurier University and McGill University, the REBs at these schools were the first to approve the study. These approvals address all aspects of the Provincial Survey and mean that interested LGBTQ2S+ students from any university in Ontario can choose to participate in the study at any time, even if their school’s REB board has not yet approved the study or if such approval was not necessary. Approvals from other university’s REBs and/or departments enable staff at these schools to help promote the study on their campuses. University staff at these schools cannot promote the survey until their REBs approve the study.

SURVEY: REB Approval Granted

  • Wilfrid Laurier University: REB 5774
  • McGill University: REB 115-0818
  • Algoma University: REB Nov 14-19
  • Brock University: REB 18-157
  • Carleton University: CUREB-B 110008
  • University of Guelph: REB 19-01-010
  • Laurentian University: REB 6016109
  • McMaster University: REB 2018-0597
  • Nipissing University: REB 102001
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology: REB 15218
  • University of Ottawa: S-12-18-2001
  • Queens University: REB 6025383
  • Ryerson University: REB 2018-449
  • Trent University: REB 25583
  • University of Toronto: REB 37069
  • University of Waterloo: ORE #40633
  • University of Windsor: REB 18-225
  • University of Western Ontario: REB 113577
  • York University: 2018-370

SURVEY: Other Formal Approvals Granted

  • Lakehead University: Approved by Institutional Survey Management Committee
  • OCAD University: OCADU REB and OCADU Office of the Vice-Provost, Students & International have issued permission to proceed. The application was not reviewed by and is not endorsed by the OCADU REB.