The survey closed April 30, 2019.

Who is the survey designed for?

The survey is intended for LGBTQ2S+ students who are currently attending any university in Ontario. Participants can be undergraduate or graduate students. They can be full- or part-time students. They can be taking all of their courses on campus or taking some or all of them online.

Who created the survey?

The research team created the survey and consulted members of the advisory committee and LGBTQ2S+ students about some of the questions. They also conducted a pilot study to evaluate new questions that were developed for the study. A group of LGBTQ2S+ students reviewed the online survey for clarity, readability, and flow.

What topics does the survey address?

The survey asks about students’ demographics (identities), perceptions of the campus climate, and experiences on campus, both positive and negative, such as being supported and facing discrimination, respectively. It also asks about academics (e.g., academic performance, academic goals) feelings of belonging on campus, and mental health.

How does the survey address students’ identities other than sexuality and gender?

In addition to asking about a range of demographic characteristics, when asking about discrimination, the survey includes questions that capture experiences based on race, dis/ability, religion, and several other identities.

How long will it take to complete the survey? 

The survey will take about 25-30 minutes, but could take longer for some participants depending on their identities and experiences.

Can a participant skip questions?

Only the screening/eligibility questions are required. A participant can choose not to answer any other questions.

Can a participant take a break?

A participant can take a break and complete the survey later as long as they do so using the same computer/device and finish the survey within 48 hours.

Is the survey confidential?

The survey is confidential. No information that would identify a participant will be included in any report or presentation. All data will be reported in aggregated (i.e., grouped) form to further protect participants’ identities.

What if a participant feels discomfort when taking the survey?

Some participants may experience some discomfort when answering questions about their experiences on campus, mental health, and/or perceptions of the climate for LGBTQ2S+ people. If that happens, a participant could decide to take a break or to stop the survey, if needed. They could also seek support by talking with someone. We have provided a list of resources in case a participant would like to talk to anyone.

Will a participant benefit by taking the survey?

There are no direct benefits to participants. However, participants will help to promote understanding of the experiences and wellbeing of LGBTQ2S+ university students—an often overlooked population. The researchers in partnership with the advisory committee will use the results to advocate for the development of policies and programs to meet the needs and strengths of LGBTQ2S+ students.

Have research ethics boards approved the survey?

Research ethics boards at Wilfrid Laurier University and McGill University approved the study. In addition, research ethics boards at other universities reviewed the study, thereby enabling staff at those schools to promote the study on their campuses.


If you have other questions about the survey or the project in general, please email us