Spring – Fall 2018: Project Development

In addition to documenting the LGBTQ2S+ services, policies, and resources available on campuses throughout Ontario, lots has been happening behind the scenes for a while now. We are working hard to get to launch the survey in the winter of 2019!

Creating Survey Questions: Although there is growing research with LGBTQ2S+ university students, and we are drawing on those studies for our project, we needed to create some questions for the province-wide survey.

Perceptions of Campus Climate for LGBTQ2S+ Students. Other researchers have asked students about their perceptions of campus for LGBTQ2S+ students; however, these questions have not extensive undergone testing, thus are they valid and reliable? And, because existing questions tend to be from the United States, they do not necessarily reflect the nature of campus climate at Canadian schools.

Gender Expression. Gender expression, or the outward or public expression of one’s internal sense of their gender, has been included in previous LGBTQ2S+ studies. However, these questions often ask students to report their gender expression on a feminine-masculine continuum. But, how does someone who identifies as gender non-binary answer this question?

We developed surveys questions for each of these topics in consultation with other researchers, our advisory committee, and LGBTQ2S+ students. Additionally, we will be conducting a small survey to pilot test these questions and get some additional feedback. Because we will be surveying LGBTQ2S+ students in Ontario for the provincial survey, the pilot is with LGBTQ2S+ university students living in other parts of Canada (Fall 2018).

Winter 2019: Survey Launch

LGBTQ2S+ students from across Ontario will be invited to participate in an online survey. The survey will ask questions about students’ experience on campus, including discrimination, and how they perceive the campus environment. Students will be asked about their psychological wellbeing and their academic engagement and development. The survey also asks about knowledge and use of LGBTQ2S+ programs and services on campus.

Fall 2019: Student Interviews

Personal interviews will be conducted with interested LBGTQ2S+ students to learn more about their experiences and wellbeing, and to gather their recommendations for fostering LGBTQ2S+ students’ inclusion, wellbeing and academic success. We hope to interview between 50 and 60 people from throughout the province who represent the diversity of the LGBTQ2S+ student community.